What is an Executive Condominium in Singapore?

In Singapore, the housing scene is diverse and lively. A special kind of home is available, known as the Executive Condominium (EC). It blends public and private elements. ECs are offered to Singaporean families by property developers. They offer better amenities than regular HDB flats, but cost less than a private condo.

This makes ECs a great option for those who want the perks of condo living without the high cost. The government helps by subsidizing these homes. It makes them affordable for a specific group of homebuyers. However, there are rules about who can buy them and how they can be used for the first 5 years.

Key Takeaways:

  • Executive Condominiums (ECs) in Singapore are a hybrid of public and private housing, offering condominium-like amenities at a subsidized price.
  • ECs are developed and sold by private property developers, but the land is subsidized by the government, making them more affordable than traditional private condominiums.
  • ECs cater to Singaporeans who can afford more than an HDB flat but find private property out of their reach.
  • There are eligibility criteria and ownership restrictions in the first 5 years of living in an EC.
  • ECs provide Singaporeans with a middle ground option between public HDB flats and private condominiums.

Understanding Executive Condominiums in Singapore

Executive Condominiums, or ECs, in Singapore are special, mixing public and private home aspects. Private developers build and sell them, but the government helps with land costs. This makes them more budget-friendly than normal private condos.

Definition of Executive Condominiums

Think of an Executive Condominium, or EC, as sitting between HDB flats and private condos. They are built for Singaporeans wanting better than HDBs but can’t yet jump to private homes.

Key Features of Executive Condominiums

What sets ECs apart is their luxury amenities. Think swimming pools, gyms, clubhouses, and barbeque areas. These are usually in private condo settings, but you can find them in ECs too.

Eligibility Criteria for Buying Executive Condominiums

Buying an EC has its rules. You need to fit the government’s criteria on income, citizenship, and property you’ve owned before. For Singaporeans dreaming of an EC, understanding these rules is a must.

What is an Executive Condominium in Singapore?

Executive Condominiums (ECs) in Singapore mix both public and private styles. They bring top-notch features with lower prices due to land subsidies. Private developers, not the government, build and sell these executive condominium singapore units.

Hybrid of Public and Private Housing

ECs stand between public and private options in Singapore. They have upscale traits but are more budget-friendly than usual executive condominium public private housing options.

Developed and Sold by Private Developers

Unlike HDB flats handled by the government, executive condominium singapore are by private companies. This way, they get more cool features and design, plus stay affordable thanks to government help.

Pricing and Subsidies Compared to Private Condominiums

The price of an executive condominium is generally lower than a private condo, due to subsidies. This offers a chance for aspiring homeowners to own a private place. The executive condominium subsidies make the difference between public and private homes.

Comparison with HDB Flats and Private Condominiums

Executive condominiums (ECs) play a crucial role in Singapore’s housing market. They sit between HDB flats and private condominiums in features and price. This makes them a unique choice for many.

HDB Flats: Eligibility, Pricing, and Features

HDB flats are Singapore’s main type of housing, offered by the government. To buy one, your household’s average monthly income must meet certain levels. The minimum income needed is either S$6,000 or S$12,000, which varies by project and location.

Compared to ECs and private condos, HDB flats cost less. They have simpler designs and fewer extras. But, they are a popular choice because of their affordability and accessibility.

Private Condominiums: Pricing and Facilities

Private condominiums are at the top end of the housing spectrum. They offer high-end living with various amenities, like pools and gyms. However, these luxuries come with a much higher price.

For those who can afford it, private condos provide a premium living experience. They stand out with their extensive facilities and exclusive settings.

Executive Condominiums: A Middle Ground Option

ECs in Singapore offer the best of both worlds. They have the amenities of private condos but are more affordable. This affordability is thanks to government support in the form of subsidies.

This middle ground makes ECs very appealing. They attract buyers who dream of luxury but are looking for a more budget-friendly option.

Executive Condominium Regulations and Restrictions

When buying an executive condominium (EC) in Singapore, remember many rules and limits come with it. These rules aim to ensure everyone has a fair chance at an EC. ECs stand between public and private housing.

Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP)

One big rule for ECs is the Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP). Those who buy an EC must live in it for 5 years before selling or renting it out. This keeps ECs affordable for local families as they were originally intended.

Resale Conditions and Restrictions

After 5 years, EC owners can sell their units. But, they can sell only to other Singaporeans or permanent residents. This keeps these homes in Singapore’s property market.

Privatization After 10 Years

Unlike other homes, ECs can turn into private condos after 10 years. EC owners can vote to remove remaining government rules. This allows the place to be managed as a private condo.

The rules for executive condominiums in Singapore blend affordable and private living well. Knowing these, you can decide wisely if an EC is for you.

Popular Executive Condominium Projects in Singapore

In Singapore, many exciting executive condominium (EC) projects have been built. These started appearing before and after December 9, 2013. They quickly became top choices for living, mixing modern executive condominium facilities with good prices.

Locations and Developers

Places like Heron Bay, Watercolours, Citylife@Tampines, and more have gained fame. Well-known developers like Qingjian Realty and CDL have made these places. They offer quality homes while keeping prices within reach.

Facilities and Amenities

These executive condominium facilities can match private ones, meeting what local homeowners want. Places offer pools, gyms, tracks, playgrounds, sports courts, and nice gardens. This creates a living experience that combines the best of public and private housing.


Executive Condominiums (ECs) in Singapore are a great middle option for those looking to buy a home. They offer modern amenities like private condos but are more affordable because of government help. It’s key for Singaporeans to know what ECs are, who can buy them, the rules they follow, and which ECs are popular.

ECs are a good choice for people who dream of owning a private home but can’t afford it. They are like a mix of private and public housing, making them more accessible. The rules that come with ECs also help keep the area stable and secure.

As Singapore’s property scene changes, ECs play a big role in meeting many people’s housing needs. Learning more about ECs helps Singaporeans choose a home that fits their lifestyle, budget, and future plans well.


What is an Executive Condominium (EC) in Singapore?

An Executive Condominium (EC) in Singapore is like a private condo. It’s built by developers. But, the government helps with land subsidies. This makes them more affordable than private condos.

What are the key features of Executive Condominiums in Singapore?

Executive Condominiums (ECs) in Singapore have cool facilities. There’s a pool, gym, and places for barbeque. Government subsidies make them more affordable.

Who is eligible to buy an Executive Condominium in Singapore?

People who want to buy an EC must meet some rules. They need to earn a certain amount each month. There are other conditions to follow too.

How do Executive Condominiums differ from HDB flats and private condominiums in Singapore?

ECs are in between HDB flats and private condos. They have modern features but are cheaper than private properties. It’s a good option for many buyers.

What are the regulations and restrictions for Executive Condominiums in Singapore?

There is a rule called the Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP). It’s 5 years. During these years, owners can’t sell or rent the whole unit. After this period, only Singaporeans and PRs can buy them.

What are some of the popular Executive Condominium projects in Singapore?

Some well-known ECs in Singapore are Heron Bay, Watercolours, and Citylife@Tampines. Others include Forestville, Twin Fountains, and Ecopolitan. You also have Sea Horizon, Waterwoods, Skypark Residences, and more like Bellewoods, Lake Life, Bellewaters, The Terrace, and The Amore.